Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recording! Injuries!! Shows!!!

It's nice to finally start hearing our songs coming to life in the studio!  We've done a LOT of demos in various stages of songwriting in the practice room, more often to not forget them the next week rather than to create a polished product - so hearing these incredibly badass sounding tracks being layered evenly and equalized (and other technical things I wouldn't even begin to be able to understand) is completely energizing, and we are just about halfway done!

We are going for a big, full sound relying on musicianship over effects, and very naturally getting a live feel to come through.  Scotty Harsh hits his set like a wronged girlfriend hammers through a car windshield, and we recorded some aggressive drum tracks - I think we actually need to tone DOWN some of the cymbal crashes and whatnot!  His little Yamaha kit is battle scarred and sounding extra big with its new heads on, and our buddy Kyle made a little cymbal magic happen to give Scott more things to whack.  Basically the drums were recorded in an evening, and all the pressure has been transferred to Bo and I to do the percussion justice.  (Not really pressure, but you know!)

Since my "tone" is the natural tube distortion of my JCM 900, we just miked up the cab and fine tuned the levels.  Interestingly enough, I found that there are parts to our songs where full on distortion is too much, and a sort of half-crunch is better suited, plus a clean tone snuck in every once in a while - so I used not only the DeArmond and its full, crisp sound, but a 1960 (gorgeous) Les Paul for a big, deep tone and my '89 American Strat for some biting high end stuff - plus a Dual Rectifier to add some more crunch!  Basically lots of classic sounds which will be blended into Hurricane Gun's guitar tracks!  Its about the only time I have been all gear geeky and rockstar soundish (but can't say I didn't love it!)

Bo is just now laying down some bass, and the red beauty in the photo will be the go-to.  Bo is a man of many instruments, but by far this Fender has the best bass tone - it sounded fantastic just plugged directly into the mixer!  It's a good thing bass is up and guitar is 99.99% finished, as I filleted my finger with some pruning shears and am on injured reserve now.  We do have a show at Burro Bar during Artwalk, which will be packed, so I will be sucking it up, but damn I am surprised how much I use my right hand ring finger when playing (I had no idea)!

Here's some carnage to end the post:

Note:  Doc says this is what it looks like when you need stitches...oops.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Studio time is is close at hand!!!.... but until then..... heres 3 more tunes to check out! Keep in mind they are demos so they're a little rough around the edges! cheers!!!!
Bring Your Guns to Town 
The Birds
You Had a Good Run

1st show!!!!

Our first show was super fun for us and we hope for those who came out! We played some songs, made some new friends, saw some old friends, ate mexican food,  sipped whiskey, had shots, enjoyed beers & saw some great bands! Good times! Thanks to Matt for booking it! heres a few pics by our buddy andy!

Monday, January 31, 2011


 So it finally happened!! We have started doing rough demos of our first batch of songs in preparation for the studio!  Here is the first sample of our work, a little tune we call "medicine"!
 You can listen or download it here:

Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, January 14, 2011


The official Grand Opening of the Hurricane Gun Cave of Agonizing Despair (sound metal enough?) AKA Bo's band-room-in-a-box-in-a-garage is finally nearing completion!  It's a tight little cell, with carpeted walls (and soon-to-be-ceiling), a nicely latching door, power strip, invaluable A/C unit and a polar bear.  It is still a work in progress, as we need it to be sound-proof enough to be able to play late into the evening...right now it's good, but still leaking sweet sweet noise.  Soon it will be accessorized with shelving for the PA, racks, hooks for cords, drink holders, Christmas lights and all the other good stuff a band room generally collects, and then we can really get to work crafting our songs.  What's better than writing in an environment that screams DIY - a personal, intimate space for us to be rock stars a couple nights a week!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's the age-old question: how do you write a song?  Is it better to have the music 100% done and try to write over it, possibly even from a recording?  Are lyrics easier to write first, and then adapt to a tune?  Maybe it's piecing together a few riffs with a melody, and seeing where it all goes, or ripping off an old favorite song and changing it slightly! (shitty indeed!)  Then the question becomes: does one person do it all, or is there group input?
Personally I enjoy having the framework of a song down, with a chorus pretty much written, then work on expanding the idea of the chorus lyrics and the rest of the music with the whole band - that way it becomes the band's song and the band's eventual style (because bands without their own style suck ass) and most of all it's just more fun!  ...strangely though our latest Hurricane Gun songs have been mostly impromptu - interesting...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From the ashes of Onslaught Dynamo.............

We just played the last Onslaught Dynamo show on Nov 3rd.....and now Hurricane gun is on! As our new practice/studio fortress nears completion, we are finishing up our first batch of songs. Demo recording will begin in the next few weeks (expect some song posts!). Real recording in January along with a few shows w/ our buddies Assassinate the Scientist from Gainesville! check em' out at their bandcamp site! ............Thats all for now!